Social Responsibility | SAD Dunajská Streda, a.s.

Social Responsibility

Our company Slovenská autobusová doprava Dunajská Streda, a.s., cares about sustainable development, economic growth, increasing the number and quality of work places and intensive realization of its commitment of corporate social responsibility, in cooperation with other involved parties.

The company's socially responsible behaviour is designed to bring its core values in the region in which it operates and over which it has a direct impact closer to its employees. It is important for local communities that want to know they are living among organizations which share their values and needs.

The principles of social responsibility of SAD DS are accessible to all involved parties in company who feel the need to support the responsible behaviour of organizations, but also to people from other regions who expect the organization to behave in accordance with European and international assessments and principles. It is equally important for future generations who want to live in a world that respects people and nature.