Irregular Transport | SAD Dunajská Streda, a.s.

Irregular Transport

Includes activities in the inland and foreign bus tour transport. Even performance of a special kind of regular transport we do include in specials of irregular transport, namely contractual transport (delivery and pickup of employees of our contractually obliged partners), as well with the province in inland and abroad, too. Our priority in the irregular transport is to be operative and flexible.

For the performance of the irregular transport we use buses with average age less than 6 years and from technical point of view the vehicles are in compliance with Euro 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Capacity of these buses is from 8 till 60 seats, they are made with various and wide range of facilities, which are adaptable to requirements of the Ordering Party – what means high flexibility.

We offer 3 categories:

  •     CLASSIC - buses without air-conditioning and video
  •     LUX - buses with air-conditioning, video and refreshment bar
  •     HD - buses with air-conditioning, video, refreshment and lavatory

Use of the irregular transport vehicles is universal, e.g. use of sightseeing coaches for schools – school trips, one-day trips or several-day tours, short sojourn and cognitive trips, shuttle service, even performance of transport service for international meetings of political authorities (Summit meeting of NATO in the Slovak republic in 2004). Our company performs transport service not only in inland but also abroad, within the whole Europe, Northern Africa and we successfully performed a 4-week tour of Caucasus in 2004 with our transport technique.

Our stock of vehicles in the irregular transport consist of vehicles by KAROSA, produced by the producer –multi-national holding company ¬- IRISBUS, with engine aggregates type IVECO or RENAULT and Cummins. Last news is the purchase of 4 vehicles Mercedes Tourismo, 8 vehicles Irisbus Arway, 1 vehicle Setra S415 GT-HD and 1 vehicle Setra S417 HDH. The Activities of irregular transport service are coordinated by a non-stop control-centre, what means – to be highly operative.

Irregular transport is a concession (licensed) trade. SAD Dunajská Streda, joint-company is a holder of a Concession Certificate that allows the performance of irregular transport services, issued by the appropriate body of state administration, on 4th of December 1995. Further legislative condition of irregular transport service performance is professional qualification of the Transport Organisation´s representative in the field of transportation services in traffic and financial reliability of the transporter. All managers of the company dispose of professional qualification.