DOS Bratislava | SAD Dunajská Streda, a.s.

DOS Bratislava

The Transportation and Trade Centre of Bratislava (abbr. DOS Bratislava) as an individually operated organizational unit was established on the 1st November 2014,  and belongs to the Transportation and Trade division of the SAD Dunajská Streda, a.s. company.

DOS Bratislava, with its headquarters at Rožňavská ulica 2, was opened in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers in Bratislava, too, which turned out to be the most efficient way. We respect every single customer, and want to provide them with cheap and affordable conditions as well as to maximise their travelling comfort. In Bratislava we operate our own parking area, suitable for about 16 buses, which are at our customers’ disposal.

We do not apply dock charges, we provide quality buses with safety belts and excellent modern facilities for attractive prices. Our drivers are qualified, with many years of experience, ready to accommodate you and fulfil your requirements.

For nursery schools and schools in Bratislava and its surroundings we have drawn up a special offer and a price list for school and other excursions to selected destinations at home and abroad, as well. We have neither forgotten about current price offers for Advent excursions to some cities nearby, such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest, and schools preferred SchlossHof with fantastic Christmas fairs.

Besides school excursions, ski and swimming trainings and other individual excursions/trips, you can order transport to company dinners, celebrations, weddings, events, etc. at any time.

In case you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address: pogany [at] sadds [dot] sk